Creating a Reading Community: The Reading Ramble

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There are many reasons why I love teaching at the same school where I was a student. One of my favorite things is that I can continue to learn from my former teachers now that they are my colleagues. My first grade teacher, Mrs. George, and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Blake, have always been two of my heroes. They helped me fall in love with learning and find my strengths as a student. Now, they both teach second grade, and I feel so lucky to work alongside them at Johnson School.

While I could go on and on about how amazing these two educators are, I’d like to share one of the things they have done to create a community of readers at our school. Over the past year, the second grade team has coordinated three Reading Rambles on our school’s campus. The second graders work together to set up an outdoor reading adventure. Giant copies of book pages are set up around the school, and classes make their way from page to page on their reading journey.

Creating a Reading Community - The Reading Ramble - Elementary School

The first Reading Ramble fittingly featured the book Wombat Walkabout. My students loved the illustrations and the plot. The kids were thrilled when the fall Ramble featured The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles, a beautifully illustrated tale of purpose, belonging, and kindness.

Creating a Reading Community - The Reading Ramble - Elementary School

This spring, the second grade switched it up by displaying student writing instead of a published book. Students in grades K through 4 submitted writing on the theme of “Looking Up, Looking Down and Looking All Around.” Narrative, informational, and poetry writing surrounded our school as students reflected on nature and spring. My third graders’ faces were absolutely joy-filled as they found their own writing on the posters. It’s always amazing for students to see their writing published and displayed.

Creating a Reading Community - The Reading Ramble - Elementary School

I love how the Reading Rambles create excitement around literacy at our school. They get kids excited about reading and writing. Students fly from page to page, anticipating the next part of the story. Parents are invited to walk through the Walkabout with their children after school, so the whole family can join in on the reading experience.

There are so many ways in which Mrs. George and Mrs. Blake are making a difference in students’ lives. Thank you for all you do to create a community of readers at Johnson School!


Creating a Reading Community - The Reading Ramble - Elementary School

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