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I absolutely love teaching third grade during the Winter Olympics. For many eight-year-old kiddos, this is the first Winter Olympics they remember, and they are fascinated by the different sports. This gives us the perfect opportunity to dive deep into learning and have students walk away with new knowledge.

During my M.Ed. program, I’ve had the honor to learn from Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Dawes, who are both amazing literacy leaders. They came together to write a book called Teaching with Text Sets that is a must-have for educators. On their blog, The Classroom Bookshelf, they tell a little bit about the book and explain what a text set is:

What is a text set?

A multimodal, multigenre text set is a versatile teaching tool for the classroom. By multigenre, we mean all traditional genres of literature, as well as purpose-driven types of writing, from blog entries to recipes. By multimodal, we mean texts that vary in modality – visual texts, such as video, photographs, visual art, and primary source documents; audio recordings such as music, podcasts, and radio broadcasts; and digital texts that are multimodal in their construction. Text sets are related by content (topic, theme, essential question) or by genre.

While I’m still very new to the world of text sets, I thought the Winter Olympics would be the perfect time to give them a try in my classroom. Below, you can find links to text sets for four winter sports. Each includes links to articles and videos for your students to explore. If you come across further resources for one of the sports, feel free to add links to the Padlet pages so we can all share resources collaboratively.

Padlet: All About Speed Skating

Padlet: All About Olympic Luge

Padlet: All About Bobsleigh

Padlet: All About Curling 


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