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Building Family Connections

Building Family Connections: A Parent’s Guide to Nonfiction

Building Family Connections

This summer, I took an amazing graduate course on nonfiction children’s literature. It was incredible to discover how many nonfiction titles are out there for young readers! From picture book biographies to chapter books that answer big questions, there is so much out there for our students to explore.

I realized that in addition to reading more nonfiction in the classroom, students should be supported in nonfiction reading at home. After conducting a parent survey and hearing from over 80 families at my school, I created an FAQ guide for parents. Feel free to share the guide below with families as they navigate nonfiction reading at home!

Do you have any other advice for families as they incorporate nonfiction into their reading lives? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or reach out to Thanks for reading!

MMR Nonfiction Parent's Guide