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Books We Love: Hope in the Holler

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Huge thanks to Lisa Lewis Tyre for sharing a copy of Hope in the Holler with our #bookexcursion group! #bookexcursion is a team of nine educators who read and share new children’s and middle grade titles. For more of my #bookexcursion reviews, click here!

Sometimes, a book takes you by surprise. I knew I was going to love Hope in the Holler, but I didn’t realize it was going to become a heartprint read for me – one of those books that leaves a lasting impact on you, and one that you can’t stop thinking about hours and days after you’ve finished reading.

Wavie is a sixth grade girl who has just lost her mom to cancer. Just when her future seems up in the air, the aunt she never knew she had sweeps in to take ownership of Wavie – and her social security money. Wavie is uprooted to her mother’s hometown, where the grim reality of poverty has taken a toll on the townspeople. While Wavie thinks returning to her mother’s roots might answer some long-standing questions, it just seems to leave her with even more.

This book drew me in with its air of mystery, and grabbed my heart with its charm and wit. Wavie’s unshakeable spirit and her valuable friendships with two classmates are huge highlights of this middle grade read. I can’t wait to see what happens when this book lands in the hands of young readers.

Hope in the Holler will be released on January 9th by Nancy Paulsen Books.